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Company Name: Green Herb Inc.
  Address: 3 Marman Place
Spring Valley, NY 10977
  Company Phone: 1-855-200-7668
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  Company Description:
We at Green Herb™ are proud to offer you the finest products
available in the health food market. We search the health
universe to bring you only the most wholesome and natural
dietary supplements.
Green Herb™ has revolutionized the world of health. Not only
do we insist on only natural components, these ingredients
must be produced using natural processes as well. The result
is a premium selection of quality supplements that afford
maximum bio-absorption, assimilation and benefit.
Each Green Herb™ product has been developed by leading
European master herbalists and dietary specialists. The
products undergo extensive lab testing to ensure that our
delivery system endows you with the utmost advantage.
What you see in the bottle is the culmination of years of
research, development, testing and more testing.
Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest-quality
health supplements, made only from the finest, 100% natural
ingredients, and produced in a manner consistent with what
nature intended.
Our line of children’s products uses formulas that have been
modified specifically to accommodate the unique needs
of younger bodies. You can rest assured that your child is
receiving the safest and most effective health supplement
money can buy.
From the uninitiated to the super-health-savvy, Green Herb™
seeks to satisfy even the most discerning consumer. We are
proud to play a pivotal role in your wellbeing.