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Company Name: Cucina Antica Foods Corp
  Address: 333 North Bedford Rd
Mt Kisco , NY 10549
  Company Phone: 914-671-0450
  Company Description:

About Cucina Antica Foods, Corp.

For over 15 years, Cucina Antica Foods has been providing families with all natural pasta sauces, Italian artisan pasta, and extra virgin olive oil. In recent years we added Organic salad dressings and Organic ketchup to our product line along with two other pasta sauce brands. Made only with the freshest quality ingredients, our products are not only delicious but healthy. Cucina Antica believes that food brings family and friends together, to share good conversation and good times over a delicious meal. It’s all part of our company philosophy of eating well, living well, and giving back to the community. Cucina Antica Foods is built on a foundation of doing what’s right: for the products, for our employees, for our customers, and doing good for the common good! At Cucina Antica its people first. The respect and dignity  of the human person is first and foremost. It is not just about just making a profit but moreover about making a difference. It's not just a way of doing business but rather a way of doing LIFE!


 we currently market 3 brands: