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Company Name: Monteloeder SL
  Address: Miguel Servet 17
Elche,  03203
  Company Phone: 0034965685275
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Monteloeder is a global developer, manufacturer and distributor of ingredients and formulations for the nutrition and cosmetics industry since 1996. 

With sales in more than 38 countries, including the United States, and offices in Europe and Asia, our activity is divided in four main areas:

  • Research and development of branded innovative ingredients and formulations

This activity includes the development of branded ingredients with a solid technical and scientific dossier backing its claimed health properties. For that purpose we run toxicology studies as well as efficacy studies and clinical trials in humans.

  • Manufacturing of specialty botanicals

We offer our clients a wide variety of botanical extracts, mainly from the Mediterranean flora, with different health properties. Here they will find not only multitude of olive and citrus extracts but also numerous types of chamomile, rosemary or pomegranate extracts.

  • Custom formulation service

At Monteloeder we understand that it is not only about having an ingredient but also being capable of adapting it so that it can adequately fit into our client's products let it be capsules, tablets or beverages. 

Additionally, our technical department advices on the best mix of ingredients to achieve the required functionality and, if necessary, organoleptic characteristics. We develop formulas with unique flavours, colours, tastes and functionalities.

  • Distribution of a wide range of ingredients

These four departments provide us the necessary flexibility to undertake projects that require rapid adaptation to the demands of the market. Moreover, we work in association with a large network of scientific institutions and partners that allow us to give solution to a multitude of industrial problems. 

But over all things, we are passionate to have the ingredient you are looking for in the moment you need it.