Company Information

Company Name: Paqui Tortillas
  Address: 9600 Escarpment Blvd. #745-28
Austin, TX 78749
  Company Phone: 512-477-2784
Web Site:
  Company Description: Paqui [pah-kee] is an Aztec term that means "to be happy." Our happiness is found creating and enjoying our handcrafted tortillas and tortilla chips. SInce 2008 we have been hand roasting jalapeņos, juicing fresh cilantro and making some of the most amazing tortillas you have ever had. We spent two years cooking different varieties of corn, making masa, perfecting seasoning blends and developing our tortilla chips. In 2013 Paqui launched what we, and a lot of our customers, believe are some of the best tasting tortilla chips in the market. You can find Paqui at Kroger and Whole Foods Markets throughout the country.  Don't worry. Be Paqui. :)