Company Information

Company Name: The happy egg co.
  Address: Waterfront Plaza, 50 Francisco Street, Suite 203
San Francisco, CA 94133
  Company Phone: +1 415 795 2041
Web Site:
  Company Description: As the UK's largest free-range egg brand the happy egg co. launched in the US during 2012 and now has a brand value of over $10 million. We operate on the belief that hens need the outdoors every day to be happy and healthy. The happy egg co. is the only 100% free-range brand and our standard of welfare go far and above the current recognised category standards. The humane treatment of our hens is our number one priority and we aim to make truly free-range eggs available to everyone at an affordable price. We are very open and transparent about the living conditions of our hens who spend their days outdoors flapping, perching, foraging and dust-bathing with plenty of clean water, nutritional feed and care from expert family farmers. To showcase our eggs, we pack them in a distinctive sunshine-yellow carton with big pillars to lovingly cradle the eggs. the happy egg. co are an ambitious company looking to replicate the size and success of its UK brand in the USA through a measured growth plan working closely with our retail, packing, distribution and farming partners.