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Company Name: Hevert Pharmaceuticals, LLC
  Address: 576 Olive Street Suite 200
Eugene, OR 97401
  Company Phone: 5413444980
Web Site:
  Company Description: Hevert means health—and that is why Hevert is dedicated to naturopathy and the development of natural medicines. Hevert is one of the leading German manufacturers of homeopathic and herbal medicines. Founded in 1956, Hevert is a third-generation family-owned company strongly committed to naturopathy, environmental protection, sustainable business practices, and responsibility for our employees and community. Today, Hevert is one of the ten most important manufacturers of homeopathic medicines worldwide. The Hevert manufacturing headquarters are located in the sunny wine-growing Nahe River region in Germany. Hevert remedies are produced here surrounded by nature, and marketed all over the world with its U.S. headquarters in Eugene, Oregon. The foundation of our medicines is built on the legacy of renowned German naturopath Emanuel Felke. For every Hevert combination homeopathic remedies, the single substances are carefully chosen to best complement one another. Each substance gives the body specific stimuli that trigger self-healing responses in different areas, thus activating the body holistically. A large number of the formulas upon which Hevert medicines are based were created in collaboration with students of Emanuel Felke, who practiced for many years in Bad Sobernheim, close to Hevert’s current headquarters. Here, traditional medicine meets modern production processes. Hevert produces its own homeopathic mother tinctures from carefully selected raw materials as well as its packaged products intended for sale. The company’s mission is to combine the long tradition of homeopathic remedies with the high quality standards of modern pharmaceutical manufacturing and to guarantee consistently high quality and efficacy.