Company Information

Company Name: J & W Enterprises, Inc.
  Address: 1113 Chambers River Road
Crownsville, MD 21032
  Company Phone: 4103200284
Web Site:
  Company Description: A new health and wellness company that specializes in customized/proprietary nutrition products.  17 years of research and thousands of clinical studies (all documented) have gone into these products.  All of our products are made with natural and certified organic ingredients. They are gluten, lactose and Cassin free, non-GMO and GRAS compliant. Our products are manufactured in FDA approved facilities here in the United States and tested by third parties to insure their quality. All of the Supplement Facts are clearly listed on each of the products information pages
This company is truly a ground floor opportunity. Launching May of 2014 it has captured significant market share in the health and wellness space. It is on track to be the fastest direct selling nutrition company to reach $1 billion dollars in sales.  Our unique approach to customer outreach utilizes both online direct sales and traditional store front exposure to maximize customer outreach and retention. You do not need a store front to market/sell these products.