Company Information

Company Name: World Nutrition, Inc.
  Address: 9449 N. 90th Street Suite 116
Scottsdale , AZ 85258
  Company Phone: 480-921-1188
Web Site:
  Company Description: At World Nutrition, Inc., we believe that Mother Nature always offers the best answers to good health. Every one of our products are comprised of a proprietary blend of ingredients found naturally, which our bodies are designed to utilize and benefit from. No toxins. No harmful side effects. None of the risks that come with taking many of the products found at your local pharmacy. World Nutrition believes that the best approach to good health comes through a combination of Western and Eastern medicine. Our philosophy is simple, we focus on attacking problems at their root cause. Many modern medicines are designed to simply control symptoms, but that's not good enough for us. We don't want to merely mask your problems, our goal is to improve your health, and that's what our products are designed to do.* We recognize that good health is the result of a well-balanced lifestyle, including proper diet and exercise, complemented by natural, superior supplements. We don't make the rules of nature, we just live by them, and our products are the embodiment of that principal. We also believe in education. It's one thing to tell you that our products are great. It's another thing to tell you why they're great, how they'll benefit you and answer any questions you may have.