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Company Name: Good Earth Food Cooperative
  Address: 2010 Veterans Drive
Saint Cloud, MN 56303
  Company Phone: 3202539290
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The Good Earth Food Cooperative (GEFC) is a cooperative business established in 1971. It is owned by its nearly 3000 members, employs 32 staff members, and has surpassed three million dollars in sales for the past two years. The GEFC strives to create and maintain a strong community through contributing to a vibrant local economy, engaging in socially equitable relationships and being a trusted resource for information on food, the environment and the cooperative principles. GEFC’s mission is to offer nutritious food and other products for the lowest feasible prices, and to promote healthful lifestyles, cooperation among food producers and consumers, and environmental quality.  GEFC supports sustainable, organic local agriculture and the principles of Fair Trade while operating under the Rochdale Principles of Cooperation.

 The Good Earth Food Co-op is located in St. Cloud, Minnesota, a thriving center of commerce in central Minnesota with deep agricultural and industrial roots. It is located at the confluence of the Sauk and Mississippi Rivers, and is the third largest metropolitan area in Minnesota. St. Cloud features the best in living, education, health care, culture and recreation.