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Company Name: suki®, inc.
  Address: 99 industrial drive
Northampton, MA 01060
  Company Phone: 413.584.7854
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this all started 14 years ago in my kitchen. I began creating products for the skin problems I struggled with all my life, which really affected me. I grew up teased, felt insecure & reluctant to participate fully in life. I tried everything from pharmaceuticals that temporarily blocked symptoms, to synthetics that really irritated my ultra-sensitive skin, to "gentle naturals" that at best, moisturized with no effect.

I really wanted to create a cure, for me! I sought information from progressive chemists because most traditional scientists flat out said purity + high-powered botanical actives could never be as effective as a synthetic. I persevered & finally found brilliant chemists who believed in my vision & mentored me to become a cosmetic formulator myself. I experimented for over 2 years before discovering how skin issues are all about underlying causes, not symptoms. I was driven to create strong actives infused in unique formulas to treat everyone, especially sensitives like me – a technology that would finally deliver on its promises.

when I began, I was just like you. I knew nothing about this industry, but Iearned fast! becoming an insider opened my eyes to the questionable ethics, hidden ingredients & toxins that put profit over health. It has and will always motivate me to stick to my mission – to provide real 100% pure solutions, to always be completely honest, speaking even the ugly truth, as well as never compromising my ideals.

know your beauty™ - has been my core philosophy from day 1 – to share my knowledge, to help people accept themselves for the individuals they are, feeling & looking their best, without having to be "perfect" or feeling bad for not being someone else's ideal of "beauty."

at suki®, you will find the relief that you've been seeking – skincare that actually works, long term, without irritations & with the knowledge you deserve. when you look in the mirror. rediscover the real YOU.

xo –Suki