Company Information

Company Name: Sibu Sura Chocolates
  Address: 308 Main Street
Myersville, MD 21769
  Company Phone: 877-6427872
Web Site:
  Company Description: SIBU SURA Chocolates is the first premium, handcrafted bean to chocolate producer in the Maryland and Virginia area. We began our journey in 2007 in Virginia, and are now located in the quaint town of Myersville, Maryland. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality organic and natural products, while engaging in fair trade practices and supporting sustainable agriculture. The quality of SIBU SURA chocolate begins with the hand selection of our single origin Peruvian cacao beans from the San Martin region. All of our ingredients are carefully chosen and offer both traditional flavors, as well as unusual fusions. We use only the finest and freshest ingredients available in the market. SIBU SURA’s awareness of being socially conscious and environmentally cognizant is paramount. Of course we like to emphasize the many attributes of chocolate in general. We follow our mantra is “Good for the Body. Good for the Soul. Good for the Planet.” Our chocolate truly speaks for itself and has been compared to the finest European chocolate in terms of quality, flavor and texture. Whether a chef, confectioner, or chocolate aficionado, our chocolate will find its way into your heart.