Company Information

Company Name: SBT Seabuckthorn
  Address: 4154 Ponderosa Drive
Peachland, BC V0H 1X5
  Company Phone: 1 877 767 6101
Web Site:
  Company Description: SBT Seabuckthorn is a Canadian manufacturer of Health Canada approved nutritional supplements and all-natural skincare products. SBT Seabuckthorn: The Original Seabuckthorn Company, pioneered the use of the amazing sea buckthorn plant in skincare products. We are a well-established Canadian natural products company with strong penetration into the Canadian marketplace. We are distributed nationally by Purity Life Health Products (UNFI Canada). SBT Seabuckthorn products are sold in well over 1000 Health Food Stores, Natural Products Retailers and Pharmacies across Canada. We are currently seeking a broker in the US.