Company Information

Company Name: FoodMatch
  Address: 575 8th Ave, Floor 23
New York, NY 10018
  Company Phone: 212-244-5050
Web Site:
  Company Description: FoodMatch is a specialty food importer, producer and manufacturer of Mediterranean specialty olives, antipasti, ingredients and condiments. Since 1996, FoodMatch has become a trusted source for authentic Mediterranean foods among knowledgeable industry professionals. FoodMatch plays an integral role in ensuring the quality of our products. We work side by side with our growers to establish best farming practices as each crop is nurtured to its successful completion. We are committed to providing beautiful, delicious, and natural Mediterranean foods that are a true expression of their origin. Our skilled artisans use time-tested, centuries-old methods to capture and preserve the inherent color, flavor, and texture of each product. This vertical integration allows us to deliver top quality year after year.