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Company Name: TumericALIVE
  Address: 39 Broadway, Ste. 1110
New York, NY, NY 10006
  Company Phone: (347) 559-6760
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TumericALIVE was born in New York’s East Village with just a blender and a dream of sharing exceptional organic healing elixirs with the world.  The response we received was overwhelming, and the transformative power of our Tumeric Elixirs has been spreading ever since. 
TumericALIVE works hand in hand with family-owned and operated organic Hawaiian turmeric farms, offering us 100% transparency and traceability to our nutrient enriched volcanic soil. TumericALIVE beverages are for anyone looking to live better, work harder and feel stronger. Our consumers aren’t just athletes striving for peak performance or yogis pursuing a deeper practice. They’re also grandparents looking to relieve pain and increase flexibility, schoolteachers needing to boost immunity and students looking for sustained mental focus.