Company Information

Company Name: Once Again Nut Butter
  Address: 12 S State Street
Nunda, NY 14517
  Company Phone: 585-468-2535
Web Site: http://Once Again Nut Butter
  Company Description: Company History: Once Again Nut Butter was founded by Jeremy Thaler and Constance Potter, in 1976, as a worker cooperative. The Once Again Nut Butter name was created by Jeremy and Connie who, “Once Again” created another worker co-op and were “Once Again” creating a new endeavor. We were founded with the goal of providing the natural products industry with a tasty, healthy, and nutritious peanut butter. After more than thirty years our focus remains the same and we have earned the reputation as a manufacturer of one of the best tasting and most consistent nut butters in the industry.