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Company Name: Nutranomics Inc
  Address: 11487 South 700 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84020
  Company Phone: 801-576-0171
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Food and Plant Based Supplements

Ninety-five percent of all multi-vitamins on the market today are isolated and/or synthetic. Your body doesn’t recognize these types of vitamins and therefore cannot absorb them because they are either missing critical nutritional components or are not natural.

NutraNomics® Difference:

Our supplements are superior food and plant based products blended from the highest quality sources available. They also have high bioavailability. Your body knows the difference between synthetic isolates and real food. When you consume whole food nutrients, your body recognizes them as nourishment and can use them to support, maintain, and build your health. You are also nourishing your body at the cellular level, giving you renewed energy and vitality.