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Company Name: Goodwinds Trading
  Address: 1923 NE Broadway #2
Portland, OR 97232
  Company Phone: (503) 206 4253
Web Site:
  Company Description:

Goodwinds Trading is a full-service, highly successful brokerage representing well-known and highly reputable direct, natural product manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Hawaii, since 1981.


Goodwinds Trading’s success has been built on a solid foundation of strong partnerships and sound business practices characterized by open communication, strategic and proactive planning, impeccable follow up, attention to detail, and a broad and deep knowledge of the industry, the categories and the products we represent and support.


Goodwinds Trading has grown and invested resources to assure it remains a dynamic organization, well versed and strongly positioned to handle the ever-changing needs associated with servicing manufacturers and accounts in today’s fast-growing, highly-competitive market.