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Company Name: Barnana
  Address: 1746 Berkeley St. Suite B
Santa Monica, CA 90404
  Company Phone: 619-920-8798
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  Company Description:
Our story dates back to 1981 in the country where our idea was born...Brazil! It was Caue's Father Joao Suplicy who deserves the credit. He started dehydrating delicious organic bananas from their backyard in Curitiba when Caue was just a youngster. Barnana sold its first product on April 12, 2012. Not only are bananas delicious, they are also the #1 selling fruit in the US, more than apples and oranges combined. That was enough to convince us to start and organic banana snack business.

We've grown pretty quickly - after just one year in business, Barnana can be found in over 1,500 retailers nationwide including Whole Foods, Safeway, Sprouts, Wegmans and many others, along with growing distribution in Japan and Canada.
We're a privately held company with an obsession for bananas. Our vision is to become the brand synonymous with banana snacks! Our culture is very much in sync with this sentiment. The environment is fun creative, brand-savvy, entrepreneurial, fast-paced and team-oriented