Company Information

Company Name: Frontera Foods
  Address: 449 N. Clark St
Chicago, IL 60654
  Company Phone: 312-595-1624
Web Site:
  Company Description: In many respects, Frontera Foods originated when Chef Rick Bayless began his travels through Mexico almost thirty years ago. Bayless dreamt of bringing the robust regional flavors of Mexico into everyday contemporary American kitchens. He went to work spreading the word about the cuisine’s enormous potential.

All Frontera products are made in small batches from fresh, classic ingredients including Frontera’s authentic, chile-infused salsas. Each bold, complex salsa celebrates the flavor of a different chile.


Frontera salsas, stone-ground corn tortilla chips, gourmet soups, cooking sauces, enchilada sauces, chili mix, guacamole mix, hot sauces, barbecue & grill sauces and gourmet Mexican frozen pizzas are available nationally through gourmet and specialty food stores, natural food groceries and selected department stores, cookware shops and epicurean catalogs. The salsas are showcased with Chef Rick Bayless’s award-winning cookbooks. Salpica Salsas are also created by Frontera Foods.