Company Information

Company Name: Cogent Solutions Group LLC
  Address: PO Box 11686
Lexigton, KY 40577
  Company Phone: 859-576-3413
  Company Description:

Founded in 2005, Cogent Solutions Group, LLC (CSG) strives to deliver the highest possible level of customer satisfaction with our products and service interactions in a responsible and ethical manner.

CSG identifies, develops, and delivers innovative and effective biomacromolecules based on fundamental scientific and clinical research the company sponsors at leading institutions throughout North America. We explore the interactions of modified macromolecules with biological systems and their environments - to develop innovative nutraceuticals that enhance the quality of human life. Our greatest strength is our team of dedicated professionals with core competencies in biochemistry, molecular biology, nutrition, and human and veterinary medicine. We believe in the power of science, purpose, and people, concentrating our energies and using our experience to bring important products to the marketplace. We are proud of our success and excited about our potential