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Company Name: Quinn Popcorn
  Address: 2100 Central Ave. STE 108
Boulder, CO 80301
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Quinn Popcorn began the day Kristy and Coulter brought their first born, Quinn, home. Working out of their attic, often with Quinn in her lap, Kristy connected to the farmers and suppliers of the organic and non-GMO ingredients while Coulter worked on developing a microwave bag without any chemical coatings. After a year of trial and error they had created an entirely new type of microwave popcorn as well as a phenomenal ready to eat line.
Every ingredient Quinn Popcorn uses is Non-GMO. The popcorn is organic. The cheese is rBGH-free. The maple sugar is harvested in Vermont. Their oils are expeller-pressed and low in saturated fats. They never use preservatives or any other additives. In the end they know exactly where everything is coming from and how it is made.
Our six-person team is passionate about creating honest food products that are made with (gasp!) actual food; products you can feel good about sharing with your family and friends.
While we have only been around for a few years our popcorn can be found in over 3,000 stores across the US.