Company Information

Company Name: Next Remedies
  Address: 10549 North Florida Ave Suite G
Tampa, FL 33612
  Company Phone: 813-909-1112
Web Site:
  Company Description: JPM Sales Group is a full-service sales and marketing organization working with the Next Remedies company to develop a broker network for the east coast, mid-west and southern markets. I would like to introduce some of our clients, next remedies and khairpep. Their vision is to partner with retailers and distributors who focus on the Natural Channel. Below you'll find background information on both companies: Next remedies is a company which specializes in marketing and developing unique, highly differentiated natural products. The focus is to bring science-based innovation to market. They operate in two areas: cosmetic and natural products (focused on supplements). Khairpep was introduced in the spring of last year ( The product is for hair repair and revitalization. It uses a revolutionary long amino acid (peptide) technology. The product is the first of its kind and has had been an amazing success story. We have focused on North America but are now working to launch in Europe. The line is growing extremely fastand is being sought out by even the largest US retail and distribution companies. The company is managed by a team who brings to the company more that 28 years of consumer goods marketing. This experience includes positions with Mars - European Division, Nabisco and the Natural Marketing Institute. The investors are both European and American with investments in a number of companies.