Company Information

Company Name: WestCoast Natural Sales
  Address: 9428 Eton Avenue Suite C
Chatswoth, CA 91311
  Company Phone: 8188851025
Web Site:
  Company Description: WestCoast Natural Sales is the Premier Sales Natural Product Sales Company in Southern California since 1991. We specialize in servicing over 350 health food accounts and being the front line in all aspects of the health food store needs from the Manufacture to Store to Consumer for Supplements/Sports Nutrition/Body Care/Gifts/Grocery. Our customers are Whole Foods, Sprouts, Lassen's, New Frontier's, Erewhon, Mother's, Jimbo's, Clark's and all independents health food stores. We have begun to expand into Spanish sales as the population in southern California is 50% Hispanic. Our motto at WestCoast Natural Sales: Live it, Love it, Grow it, Know it!