Company Information

Company Name: Pulse Marketing, LLC
  Address: 6 Sixth Ave N. Suite 5
Hopkins, MN 55343
  Company Phone: 952-935-9630
  Company Description:
Pulse Marketing is a Manufacturer’s Representative firm that specializes in representation of only the
very best quality products to the Natural Foods Market & to select Natural Products Sections of Grocery Mass
Markets. We have been successfully marketing our principles products for more than 27 years, since 1985. We
cover the Midwest Region of the Central United States. Our main office is located in Hopkins, Minnesota. Our
employee representatives run offices from four other Midwest locations, including Chicago, Detroit, Ohio, &
We pride ourselves on results. Our modus operandi is working all the accounts of our area with due
diligence. We call on every account we deem to be worth our time & expense from our experience, and from
top account lists from our major distributors. We call on “A” stores every two to three weeks, “B” stores every
four to six weeks, & “C” stores every 6-8 weeks. We service all key stores & accounts, and many smaller
accounts other reps don’t call on.
We like to encourage show casing & promotion of products by arranging display on end caps at eye
level in the highest traffic areas of the store, & demonstration. We encourage & promote case stack & counter
top display when feasible. We provide support materials such as bag stuffers, posters, coupons, educational
materials, & signage. We arrange demonstrations & promotions. We provide store staff trainings on technical
lines. We like to handle all phases of retail contact & support.
Our support of our accounts is in direct relation to our Principle's support of us. We represent our
Principles as professionally as possible. We regard our manufacturers as our partners, with common goals &
the vision to achieve those goals through teamwork.
We provide information on specials & promotional deals to our accounts on a monthly basis. In
addition to regular in-store visits, we provide telemarketing & mail support to all our accounts.
All of our representatives have extensive backgrounds in retailing, merchandising, purchasing, & route
sales, especially relating to the Natural Foods Market. We encourage our manufacturers and our representatives
to have frequent contact with one another. Prospective manufacturers are encouraged to contact any of our
representatives or principles for interviews or references.
Brian Agar, the owner of Pulse Marketing, is a 1983 graduate of the College (now University) of St.
Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. Brian started as a broker representative of Pulse Marketing in 1985, and
purchased the company in October 1987.
The Midwest Area or Region covered: Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, &
Kentucky, as well as North Dakota for Fargo, Nebraska for Omaha & Lincoln, & Missouri for the Eastern Half
of the state.