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Company Name: Rocky Mountain Foods
  Address: 13105 E. 38th Ave. Unit 30
Denver, CO 80239
  Company Phone: (303)371-3511
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Rocky Mountain Foods started over 20 years ago when our company president saw an opportunity for snacks to be more than just delicious and satisfying. They could be strategic, too. He purchased a small snack company in the Rocky Mountains, and began offering not just snacks, mixes and raw ingredients, but custom shelf solutions for grocery store chains nationwide. Each solution would be built for the needs of that region, using only the best ingredients, and manufacturing and roasting would be centralized in-house to maintain rigorous quality standards.

Today, Rocky Mountain Foods can be found everywhere, in thousands of different mixes and combinations, across two brands (Free Range and Rocky Mountain Treats) and our Private Label custom solution. We still work closely with all of our customers and buyers to develop the snacks their consumers want, and the marketing they need to sell. We know that our valued partners don’t need another snack brand. They need products that move from the shelf to the cash register.