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Company Name: Third Coast Herb Co./ Herbalogic
  Address: 3571 Far West Blvd #40
Austin, TX 78731
  Company Phone: 512-895-9595
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Third Coast Herb Company’s founders, Jeanine Adinaro and David Jones, both licensed acupuncturists, saw a growing interest among their patients for natural alternatives to synthetic drugs. But they found the practice of Chinese herbalism—a health tradition with more than two millennia of documented wisdom—was often difficult to communicate to U.S. consumers. 
While studying at China’s Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jeanine and David were struck by how accessible and accepted herbal therapies were among average citizens, and the two decided it was time for someone to bridge the gap between traditional Chinese herbal practice and the health culture of North America.
In 2007, they started Third Coast Herb Company and launched the Herbalogic line of concentrated herb drops with formulas modified for Western tastes and culture.
In 2011, Whole Foods Market began selling Herbalogic at across Texas. Today Herbalogic is sold at over 100 retail stores across the country.