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Company Name: Herb Pharm
  Address: PO Box 116
Williams, OR 97544
  Company Phone: 541-846-6262
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Since 1979, we at Herb Pharm have integrated traditional herbal knowledge with modern herbal science to produce superior quality herb products. We are the best selling liquid herbal extract line in America’s natural product stores. This is a result of our in-house scientific research and development of our herbal products, our meticulous quality control, our dedication to educating customers on the safe and effective use of herbs, our commitment to organic agriculture and environmental issues, and our attention to customer service.


We are very proud of our strong history in the herb business and remain dedicated to the continued support of our customers’ health with quality herbal products for many years to come. We are equally proud of the fact that many of our employees have been here over 10 years, some even longer. We take the same pride in working with our employees that we have always taken in working with the herbs.