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Company Name: PMIDPI West
  Address: 12 Executive Court
South Barrington , IL 60010
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Presence Marketing/Dynamic Presence was born from a desire to work in a dynamic and environmentally conscious 
industry. Because of our awareness of the necessity to take better care of the planet and ourselves, it is our mission to 
join and support, through open and communicative partnership, those companies who share this goal.

Presence Marketing/Dynamic Presence is poised to compete in today’s rapidly growing market. Over the years we have 
successfully built sales and partnerships within the natural and conventional grocery channels. Our many years of 
experience in the industry, coupled with our high energy, strong standards and vision, allows us to help you build and 
maintain a strong market position through a myriad of retail, wholesale and manufacturer services.

We are highly selective about the products we represent, dedicated to the principles of the natural products industry and 
committed to sustainable business.