Company Information

Company Name: Smart Flour Foods
  Address: 4020 S Industrial Dr, Ste110
Austin, TX 78744
  Company Phone: 512-706-1774
Web Site:
  Company Description: What began in Austin, Texas in 2005 as a simple gesture of goodwill to help a friend diagnosed with Celiac disease, has grown into a thriving business that produces a variety of exceptional gluten free products. Smart Flour™ is our unique gluten free flour blend of ancient grains sorghum, amaranth and teff. These whole grains are the cornerstone of our amazingly tasty and nutritious products. Smart Flour™ is naturally free of gluten/wheat, casein/dairy, egg, soy, nut and rice. The ancient grains used in our Smart Flour™ blend provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber that are missing from so many other gluten free products. At Smart Flour™ we are pleased to offer our own fabulous line of naturally gluten free products—Smart Flour™ blend, pancake & waffle mix, hoagie & hamburger buns, dessert bars, frozen topped pizzas, and pizza crusts. Currently we have a presence in over 300+ restaurants, and we are getting ready to launch our frozen topped pizzas in retail nationwide this summer.