Company Information

Company Name: Primizie Crispbreads
  Address: 1704 1/2 South Congress Suite I
Austin, TX 78704
  Company Phone: 214-797-9859
Web Site:
  Company Description: Primizie Crispbreads are a true chef created snack. We utilize a unique cooking process and a base of Italian bread, to create a flavor forward, thick cut specialty chip with superior dipability qualities and a distinctive crunch. Primizie Crispbreads are great for snacking on their own or paired with a large variety of food components. We launched the product on 11/1/12, and have already secured placement in 800+ stores in 15+ states. It is our goal to penetrate the premium snack market and by 2017 be in 3,000+ grocery outlets selling 14+ million units a year with $30+ million in revenue. We are an Austin-Based company, looking for fun, energetic and hard working people to join our growing business.