Company Information

Company Name: Big Tree Farms
  Address: 2305 Ashland St. Suite C506
Ashland, OR 97520
  Company Phone: 5414885605
Web Site:
  Company Description: Big Tree Farms is Indonesia’s largest organic food company, based on Bali.  We operate SE Asia’s largest organic and fair trade integrated coconut supply chain, working directly with almost 14,000 farmers across all our ingredients.  Our corporate mission is to drive beneficial change through the creation of innovative natural foods that support longevity of health, thriving environments and fair and transparent economies for our customers, our farmers and our employees.  We are the pioneer of coconut sweeteners, raw cacao and coconut water powder.  We launched the world's first organic coconut sweeteners in 2008 and continue to be the market leader in this category.  We sell both retail and ingredient to manufacturers.  We are also the pioneer of coconut water powder and we sell this product under the COCO HYDRO brand at retail.  Our headquarters on Bali is the world's largest bamboo structure, a testament to our commitment to sustainability.