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Company Name: Calbee North America, LLC.
  Address: 2600 Maxwell Way
Fairfield, CA 94534
  Company Phone: 707-427-2500
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We took root in North America more than 40 years ago. We were one of the first Japanese food manufacturers to join the North American snack industry with the primary goal to offer a healthier alternative to snacking. We credit our snacking virtues to our parent company, Calbee Inc. Headquartered in Tokyo Japan, Calbee Inc. has been committed to harnessing the great taste of nature and promoting healthy living for more than 60 years and is known for its global prowess. In 1970, our leaders recognized the need for wholesome snacking in North America and since our inception, we have continued to grow our mission like the crops in our fields. In 2007, we established the first Calbee owned production plant in Fairfield, California. With honesty, happiness and healthiness, we have planted a new seed in North America. Please visit our website