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Company Name: SooFoo
  Address: 2100 Jackson St.
San Francisco, CA 94115
  Company Phone:
Web Site: http://SooFoo
  Company Description:

SooFoo is a small, family-oriented company based in San Francisco, California.  Don’t be fooled by the name.  Surprisingly enough, SooFoo is not an Asian product, but actually stands for “Super Good Food”.   It is a nutritious blend of 9 premium ingredients, including protein packed lentils and some of the healthiest grains known to mankind.  All ingredients are 100% natural and Certified Organic.  Better yet, the ingredients are all grown and packaged right here in the U.S., and according to SooFoo’s owner and founder, Maurice Kanbar, it’s important that it stay that way.

SooFoo first hit shelves of Bay Area health food stores in the summer of 2010 and was quickly adopted by Whole Foods Markets on both the West and East coasts.  “Both retailer and consumer response has been strong.  Generally, once someone tries SooFoo, they buy it,” says company representative, Kyle Mundy.  That explains why in-store tastings have been such a big part of SooFoo’s market introduction and why the company continues to explore creative ways to get more people to try it.  With national distribution in sight by the end of 2012, it is SooFoo’s goal to become a household staple as the demand for healthier food intensifies.

Key ingredients, such as wheat berries and buckwheat, provide the proper portions of amino acids to be a complete protein, with SooFoo overall offering 5 grams of pure protein and 4 grams of fiber per serving.  That is 66% more protein than brown rice alone and 100% more fiber than basmati white rice*.  Yet, the health benefits are only part of what makes SooFoo stand out.  It also has greater versatility than most other rice and grain products.  You can eat SooFoo like oatmeal with milk and brown sugar to start your day.  Toss in a salad to make a more satisfying lunch.  Pair with poultry or fish for dinner.  The possibilities are nearly endless and that’s why they call SooFoo, “Super Good Food”. 

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