Company Information

Company Name: People's Food Co-op of Kalamazoo
  Address: 507 Harrison st.
Kalamazoo, MI 49007
  Company Phone: 269.342.5686
Web Site:
  Company Description:

The People's Food Co-op of Kalamazoo exists to create access to food that is healthy for people, land, and the economy.  This statement is known as our “Global Ends” and helps to direct every decision we make. As such, we are more than your average grocer!

Here are a few things that make the Co-op different:

  • We strive to provide fresh, organic, and whole foods, offering our community healthy choices for a variety of dietary needs.
  • We purchase locally grown and produced goods, helping to keep local funds cycling back into our economy.
  • We participate in and support our local farmers markets, including the 100 Mile Market, the Kalamazoo Farmers Market (on Bank St), and the Kalamazoo Foods Market.  
  • We help provide access to food assistance programs (SNAP benefits) both at the store and at several local farmers’ markets. Everyone should be able to eat healthy, delicious, and local food.
  • We provide educational opportunities for our community related to food and food systems (such as cooking classes, tabling, speaking engagements, hosting events at the store and in the community).
  • We work together with other organizations. As we are able, we provide sponsorships and donations to organizations and events that support our global ends, making our community a better place.