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Company Name: Hero Nutritionals
  Address: 1900 Carnegie
Santa Ana, CA 92705
  Company Phone: 949-498-2280
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Established in 1995, Hero Nutritionals isthe leader in creating innovative and unique delivery systems in the naturalproducts industry. With the desire toimprove the health and well-being of children, Hero was the first company tointegrate vitamins and minerals into a gummy vitamin delivery system. YummiBears® became the #1 selling children’s vitamin in the industry.


Due to the overwhelming success of the YummiBears® line for children, Hero has since launched Slice of Life®, a full lineof all natural gummy vitamins for adults. In more recent years Hero has alsoexpanded dark chocolate vitamins and calcium supplements.



Tocreate unique consumable delivery systems to promote healthy living



Innovation,Quality, Fun & Supportive Workplace, Trend Setters, People & Diversity



Hero is located in beautiful San Clemente,CA, the Spanish Village by the Sea. Witha mild climate, it is the embodiment of OrangeCounty's laid-back, creative, beach lifestyle. San Clemente is thesouthernmost city in Orange County with a population of approximately70,000. Tuckedaway from traffic and crowds, our waterfront city boasts unrivaled trailsystems, open spaces and parks, and pristine beaches making it one of the mostpopular surfing spots on the California coast.