Company Information

Company Name: LODAAT Nutraceuticals
  Address: 410 40th Street
Downers Grove, IL 60515
  Company Phone: 630-248-2380
Web Site:
  Company Description:
Lodaat Nutraceuticals is a leader in developing and marketing Herbal Nutraceuticals and Complimentary Alternative Medical (CAM) Therapy Tools. 
Our supplement product range is extensive and includes a wide variety of indications including:
* "I WANT MY YOUTH": Ant-Aging
* " I WANT MY MOJO": Sexual Health
* " I WANT HEALTHY": Weight Loss
* " I WANT GENIUS": Brain & Memory Support
* "I WANT MY SKIN": Hair and Skin Support
* "I WANT LIMITLESS": Muscle and Agility
* I WANT TO STOP PAIN": Pain management
Our Therapy tools are based on massage, acupressure and reflexology and can relieve joint and back pain.
Our products were designed by scientists, physicians and therapists; and are sold to retailers (Pharmacies, specialty stores) as well as Online and Print catalogs.
We are looking for knowledgeable sales reps to work and partner with our Lodaat brand.