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Equal Exchange is a thriving model of Fair Trade that has exceeded our founders’ original vision. With over 20 years of experience behind us — a history replete with successes, failures, innovative partnerships, exciting new products, and inspiring stories — we are nevertheless humbled by just how far we still need to go. Not so long ago, the specialty coffee industry dismissed our vision of more equitable relationships with farmers as unrealistic. Today there are some 400 coffee companies purchasing at least a small portion of their coffee under Fair Trade terms.

But the growth of Fair Trade has not come without profound challenges. The acceptance of large plantations and corporations such as Nestlé into the Fair Trade labeling system calls into question the very underpinnings of the certification system of which we are a part. And even with our successes, most small-scale farmers around the world remain impoverished and at the mercy of volatile and complex commodity systems.

Over the next few decades, Equal Exchange needs to engage and collaborate with like-minded partners and stakeholders throughout the Fair Trade system if we are to continue to transform how business is done. Our vision includes breaking new ground by bringing Fair Trade home—by fostering direct relationships with family farmers here in the United States. Our collective achievements of the past 20 years prove that we can create change beyond our wildest dreams with the right people.
We put a lot of energy into hiring the right employees to thrive in our worker-owned co-operative. Please take a look at our current job offerings and join the Equal Exchange team!