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Company Name: Smart Balance
Niwot, CO 
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  Company Description: At Smart Balance, we believe that there is simply no reason for your lifestyle to be compromised by harmful trans fat and hydrogenated oils. It's just too easy to replace them with better options. Our company has been marketing buttery spreads and other foods for more than 25 years. We originally created Smart Balance® Buttery Spreads to bring you the benefits of a remarkable blend of polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and saturated fats that can improve cholesterol through dietary means. Since then, Smart Balance® Buttery Spreads have won three consecutive Best Taste Awards from the American Culinary Institute, and the hearts of our health-conscious customers nationwide. At Smart Balance, we continue to look for innovative ways to improve your favorite foods. We avoid trans fats in all of our foods naturally--you will never find partially hydrogenated or fully hydrogenated oils. We also offer many products with the proper ratio of fatty acids and numerous products that are reduced in fat or saturated fat. For the few full fat products in our portfolio, we incorporate functional ingredients that you likely may be missing in your diet. See our Food Plan for tips on how to incorporate our products into a healthy diet that is low in saturated fat and cholesterol that along with exercise can support heart health. Our Mission: Smart Balance Inc (NasdaqGM: SMBL) is committed to providing superior tasting heart healthier alternatives in every category it enters by avoiding trans fats naturally and balancing fats, reducing saturated fats, total fat and cholesterol, and/or incorporating functional ingredients like Omega-3s, Vitamin D and plant sterols that people may be missing in their diet.