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Company Name: Ideal Protein
  Address: 3135 SR 580 Suite 5
Safety Harbor, FL 34695
  Company Phone: 1-866-314-4447
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  Company Description: Join the battle against obesity with the Ideal Protein team today! In addition to the unquestionably adverse impact on our health and quality of life, obesity and the complications related to metabolic syndrome are now adding billions of dollars in costs to our annual national healthcare price tags in North America, exceeding even smoking as public health enemy number one when it comes to cost. This demonstrates a serious need for our services, as not only a growing number of individuals are seeking help to improve their state of health by losing weight, but many employers are also promoting different initiatives to encourage their employees to participate in a qualified wellness program designed to help them lose weight. The Ideal Protein weight loss method provides people with the power to manage their weight for a lifetime... however, the success of Ideal Protein lies in the one-on-one coaching dieters receive from a trusted healthcare professional, through one of our approved and trained Ideal Protein weight loss clinics. If you are looking for a chance to really make a difference and join our team in the fight against obesity, Ideal Protein offers rewarding opportunities, enabling you to reach beyond your area of expertise and have an impact on something better than the bottom line.