Company Information

Company Name: Dove Distributor
  Address: 1900 7th Street
Richmond, CA 94801
  Company Phone: 510-260-0445
Web Site:
  Company Description:

We are a small, family owned vegan distributor of packaged foods in the Northern California region. Our key account is the largest retail health food chain in the country. We’ve created an organization that is truly dedicated to servicing our customer’s needs from the ground up. We provide warehousing, distribution, on the ground representation and merchandising for a highly discounted rate. Our motivation isn’t driven by economics but more so by ideology. Our philosophy is geared towards eco sustainability within the current paradigm of conventional business. While we like to feel that we work away from the box philosophy, we must also sometimes adopt business practices that allow us to progress economically. We seek balance, however, lean more commonly towards the extreme. Our ultimate mission is to be the conduit for small manufacturers of vegan products. We aim to assist their growth and expand their brands while also leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible; this component is the most acrimonious to hurdle.