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Company Name: Oregon's Wild Harvest
  Address: 1601 NE Hemlock
Redmond, OR 97756
  Company Phone: 541-548-9400
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Oregon's Wild Harvest is an independently owned and operated herb farm located in Culver, Oregon. We have been Oregon Tilth® Certified Organic since our inception in 1994, and Demeter® Certified Biodynamic since 2009. Attaining this Biodynamic® certification was a two year process and it's considered the highest grade of organic agriculture, as well as the most sustainable farming method. Currently, Demeter® is the only certifier world-wide that can offer certification to Biodynamic® farmers.

In addition to OWH's prestigious certifications, we continues to follow USDA organic guidelines and strict FDA guidelines for growing, processing and manufacturing premium herbal supplements and products. The owners, Randy Buresh and Pam Martin-Buresh, have built OWH with a strong belief that in order to safely heal the body with herbs certain ideals need to be firmly in place:

  1. Environmental stewardship
  2. Validated scientific methodology
  3. Pioneered standards of production quality

By having these ideals play such a fundamental role in the structure of the company, OWH can properly grow, process and retain the essential properties of premium quality whole herbs -the kind used in traditional Western, Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. Our use of these herbs has helped to keep the people, and its planet, healthy for many thousands of years.

Over time, Oregon's Wild Harvest has evolved from a two person operation, to running a state of the art production facility and warehouse. This kind of expansion has helped give us a steady rate of growth each year.