Company Information

Company Name: thinkbaby & thinksport
  Address: 3112 Windsor Road, A342
Austin , TX 78702
  Company Phone: (858) 232-9599
Web Site: and
  Company Description:

thinkbaby & thinksport have been a mainstay in the natural products world since our inception over five years ago.  Our mission is to provide safe consumer products.  We currenty offer a line of safe baby feeding items, super-insulated stainless steel sport bottles, non-toxic sunscreen, and non-stinky yoga mats. 

Our products already enjoy a loyal following.  The are distributed by UNFI and Nature's Best and can be found at leading natural products markets such as Whole Foods, Mothers Market, New Leaf Community Markets, Jimbo’s, New Frontiers, Market of Choice and hundreds of independent stores

We approach each product category with the following criteria: 

Safe. The first line in the sand that we draw surrounds material safety.  We don’t jump on new materials just because they are free of one chemical, like Bisphenol-A (BPA). The reason resides in the strong potential for landing on another potentially harmful chemical. Instead we stay keenly focused on the latest emerging studies. If we can’t substantiate that a material is safe, it’s a no go.

Functional. We don’t want to create the same tired product in the marketplace.  So, we look at problems within a category and look to improve upon those products.   For example, looking at the large number of single-walled sports bottles in the market, we noticed that you can’t hot fill them (or you’d burn your hand) or cold fill them (or end up with condensation all over your desk or backpack).   That’s why all of our sport bottles are super-insulated

More Sustainable. For example, our baby bottle line can be transformed into our award winning sippy cup. This ability alone allows a parent to save their 8 - 10 bottles and use them for at least another year. While this saves parents money, more importantly it saves the environment from excess waste. And our line of baby bottles are made from safe, No. 5 plastic and can be easily recycled.

Affordable. The goal is to have products that are pocket book friendly. It doesn’t make sense for us to produce safe, functional, and sustainable products that only a few affluent individuals can afford. If we are going to successfully help the world, we need to make sure that the world can obtain safe solutions.