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Company Name: Nutraceutical
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Nutraceutical is one of the nation's largest manufacturers and marketers of quality branded nutritional supplements sold to health and natural food stores. Nutraceutical sells branded products under the brand names Solaray®, KAL®, Nature's Life®, Natural Balance®, NaturalMax®, VegLife®, Premier One®, Pioneer®, Sunny Green®, Zand®, Natra-Bio®, bioAllers®, Herbs for Kids®, NaturalCare®, Natural Sport®, Supplement Training Systems™, FunFresh Foods™, ActiPet®, Action Labs®, Thompson®, Montana Big Sky™, Living Flower Essences®, Life-flo® and Larenim® to health and natural food stores in the United States.


Because of our emphasis on innovation, quality, loyalty, education and customer service, Nutraceutical's brands are widely recognized in health and natural food stores and among health and natural food store consumers.


In addition to branded products, Nutraceutical manufactures premium bulk formulations for use in its own products and for sale to other manufacturers and marketers of nutritional supplements under the tradename Monarch Nutritional Laboratories™.


Nutraceutical was formed in 1993 by senior management and Bain Capital, Inc. to effect a consolidation strategy in the highly fragmented vitamin, mineral, herbal and other nutritional supplements industry. Since its formation, Nutraceutical has completed twenty-two acquisitions.