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Company Name: Heel Inc
  Address: 10421 Research Road SE
Albuquerque, NM 87123
  Company Phone: 5055592970
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Heel is a homeopathic company, founded by German medical doctor H-H Reckeweg in 1936. While in medical school, Dr. Reckeweg became interested in homeopathy after his father was cured by a homeopath for a serious kidney disease. Upon completion of his degree Reckeweg earned a master’s degree in homeopathy. He began treating patients with homeopathic remedies but he noticed how quickly patients required another remedy. He found that he obtained better results with combinations of homeopathic remedies and began developing formulas for his own patients. After many requests from his colleagues for combination remedies, Reckeweg founded Heel to produce and sell his medicines.
In 1979, with the goal of introducing his combination formulas to the US, Dr. Reckeweg relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Soon after his arrival he began formulating homeopathic combination medicines and created a new company, Biological Homeopathic Industries (BHI), to produce and market his products in the US. Upon the death of Dr. Reckeweg in 1985, BHI’s name was changed to Heel. Today Heel is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Heel products to retailers and practitioners throughout North America.
Heel honors the legacy of Dr. Reckeweg by offering remedies that provide a midpoint between classical homeopathy and modern western medicine, making use of conventional disease diagnosis forms. These treatments are available in a variety of dosage forms including liquid, tablet, nasal spray, ointment, and gel.
Heel combination homeopathic formulas are based on over 65 years of scientific research and laboratory testing, instead of relying on only one active ingredient. Heel formulas are combinations of key ingredients that work together to provide multi-symptom relief from many common ailments.