Company Information

Company Name: NaturaNectar LLC
  Address: 1560 Sawgrass Corporate Pkwy - 4th Floor
Sunrise, FL 33323
  Company Phone: 800-609-7794
Web Site:
  Company Description: NaturaNectar is an innovative and thriving company with an exclusive ingredient and high quality products. NaturaNectar has the first functional line of bee propolis products ever in the USA and has exclusive access to the "Green Extraction™" an innovative Scandinavian technology that separates phenolic acids from flavonoids and eliminates all impurities from its raw materials. NaturaNectar takes pride on its quality and long-term vision and commitment to quality. Here are our standards: - Product batches are independently tested for quality and purity. - Count on our products to be natural which means our ingredients are sourced in their purest, most whole state and are free from artificial preservatives, colors, scents and flavors. - Our Bee Propolis extracts are made in USA and standardized using patented methods, ensuring your daily dosage provides at least the amount of phenolic acids and/or flavonoids indicated in the Supplement Facts. - Our extracts are obtained through a process that uses purified water (no alcohol or other chemical solvents) making them suitable for everyone, children and seniors included. - At least 10% of our profits are directed to support research on honeybees and/or to improve the lives of the communities that harvest our bee propolis.