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Company Name: BrandHive
  Address: 146 Pierpont Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
  Company Phone: 801-538-0777
Web Site:
  Company Description: BrandHive Brand Story Creating healthy buzz Enter the hive, and you know you’ve found the center of natural products branding. Things are buzzing here. But it’s not just the constant activity that sets BrandHive apart from other agencies. Take a minute and get acquainted with the six sides of BrandHive. We know natural From our beginning in 1997, BrandHive has promoted natural products and healthy lifestyles. When we made this choice, “natural” wasn’t the $90-billion-a-year industry it is today. We chose this focus because we like getting up in the morning and working on brands that make us feel good. Today, there’s not much about natural products, channels, companies, trends and consumers we don’t know. And this leads us to the other thing we like doing, leveraging our insider advantage to give our clients a 15-year head start. We integrate The days for individual solutions are past. Today’s customers know what’s happening moment by moment and can spot a disjointed marketing campaign faster than ever. In the hive, all forces come together to deliver integrated solutions and present your customers with consistent messaging and a unified brand across all points of contact. • Strategic branding and development. We take our industry knowledge and use it to focus your brand. This clarity leads to stronger brand positioning and more powerful value proposition. • Creative. The creative team brings those strategies to life. We avoid nice, safe and predictable to deliver custom, proprietary, spot-on solutions. • Public relations. Still, buzz rarely happens just when you need it. It takes discipline to put new ideas and discussions in front of the right people at the right time. The PR team translates promotional strategies into a tactical PR plan that, like any good hive, we carry out with precision. • Interactive. Your brand will also benefit from coordinated screen campaigns. In fact, we’ll put all four of your customers’ screens (computer, tablet, mobile and TV) to work building your brand. • Media. None of this is complete until our media team goes to work. We draw on our long-lasting industry relationships and know-how to secure placements that generate the most buzz and gain you the best exposure and added value. We collaborate In the hive, every project is a collaborative effort between our team, our industry connections, and our clients. Most of our team works in the same location, which makes those spur-of-the-moment conversations, which lead to revolutionary thinking, a common event. We explore Much of what makes our clients successful actually happens outside the hive. We come from a variety of cultures and psychosocial backgrounds, and we engage in personal interests and intellectual pursuits that are equally diverse. Anywhere we encounter something new, we bring it back to the hive and use it to inform and improve our work. We energize Nothing energizes and transforms tired, dated ideas like timely, relevant information. BrandHive tracks trends, studies client issues, pours over research, and integrates new technologies to breathe life into brands. We make it our job to know the issues, companies, competition, consumers, and challenges natural brands face today. We staff experts At BrandHive, you never need to worry about getting your project handed off to a junior staffer. We hire seasoned professionals who respect our clients, each other and the work. Our unusual level of expertise frees us to: • Explore novel solutions to your problems • Leverage long-standing industry relationships on your behalf • Keep projects on track, no matter how involved they may be • Provide you with every professional courtesy