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Company Name: Dynatabs, LLC
  Address: 1933 East 12th Street
  Company Phone: 718 3766084
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Skin Care Products and Herbal Supplements - Private Label/Contract Manufacturer/Brand Manufacturer. Please contact us directly: Harold Baum (718) 376-6084 or

You can buy our line or we can manufacture and private label any skin care product and herbal supplement you can sell.

DYNATABS, LLC manufactures herbal supplements and skin care products. Our Dynatabs Dietary Supplements in oral edible strips, Dynadoo Hair Gel Styling Gel, Serenity Home Spa Therapeutic Face Masks and Wipes, Dynatabs Aloe Vera Drinking Gel, Passion Shots, and Relaxation beverages supply a complete line of natural, herbal products designed to support the general health and wellness for people. Including products designed to promote healthy and rewarding sexual wellness.

The contract manufacturing / private labeling division of DYNATABS, LLC offers complete turnkey services from product formulation through manufacturing to product distribution and follows strict GMP policies. We offer wholesale opportunities, and affiliate programs. Additional services include assistance with new product development, logo, label and website design and marketing support. Through our partnerships, we can provide expertise in print, radio, TV and internet advertising.