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  • Don't wait until your career is in trouble to look at new opportunities. Exploring other jobs is not a criminal offense and it is not grounds for termination unless you are doing it during your work day to the detriment of performing your assigned duties.
  • It is not easy to find a job. It will require time for you to prepare a resume, research companies and recruiters to make contacts and do follow ups. Budget some money for expenses for mailings and long distance calls.
  • Your mentor should be a successful person involved in your chosen industry, a friend, relative or sought out contact may be willing to coach you through your job search.

Today's Top Available Product Lines

Broker Reps And Demo/Merchandisers - Pure Planet - 4/24/2017
PURE PLANET About Us: We are a family owned & operated manufacturer of whole food & super food supplements. For over 25 years we have been providing our retailers & consumers with plant based nutrition. We have always believed the planet and Mother Nature have provided us foods for our bodies which can give us a long life healthy life. The Pure Planet Promise:  “Pure ...
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Simply Bee Organics - Simply Bee Organics - 4/20/2017
Simply Bee Organics Independent Sales Rep Job Description ABOUT SIMPLY BEE ORGANICS Simply Bee Organics is a personal care products company specializing in men’s grooming products. Our products are specially formulated with the highest quality organic beeswaxes, butters, and oils which heal and soften hair and skin. We hand craft and cold process our products without the use of harmful ...
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Nuzest - Nuzest USA - 4/17/2017
Nuzest is one of New Zealand and Australia's top natural health brands, and we launched in the USA in 2014.Check out our North American website HERE Our premium nutritional supplements and functional foods are formulated by global industry leaders and based on the latest scientific research. So far in the USA, we have launched a top of the range European ...
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Greens First Female - Greens First Female - 3/16/2017
WE ARE LOOKING FOR INDEPENDENT REPS TO VISIT HEALTHCARE PROVIDER OFFICES, MAINLY OBGYNS AND OTHER FEMALE ORIENTED HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS Greens First Female is an extension of the Greens First Product line. Greens First has been in the business of developing and marketing the best-in-class health and wellness products that provide maximum cellular nutrition and promote a healthy alkaline ...
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