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Job Title: Regional Sales Manager
Industry Sector: Natural/Organic Food & Beverage
Job Categories: Sales - Company/Territory Rep

 Contact Information
Company Name: Eden Foods, Inc.
  Address: 701 Tecumseh Rd
Clinton, MI 49236
United States
  Company Phone: (888) 424-EDEN (3336)
Web Site:

Job Description  
The Position: Regional Sales Manager

Eden Foods of Clinton, Michigan seeks territorial representation and business management in the Northeast and Northwest states. Professional experience and knowledge is essential for this excellent career opportunity. Strong communication skill (verbal and written), computer savvy, and the will to persist and succeed are necessary. Merchandising of America's purest food is the goal.  

Job description available at:
Contact Sandra Smith at and/or Mr. Demian Potter at (Please include city and state of residency on your resume.)


Eden Foods is the oldest natural and organic food company in North America and the largest independent manufacturer of dry grocery organic foods. We are deeply rooted in Michigan about twenty miles southwest of Ann Arbor.

In 2009 Eden Foods was selected as the best food company in the world, and the third best company overall by The Better World Shopping Guide. They acknowledged Eden's outstanding record in social and environmental responsibility. The company earned A+ and A ratings in ten food categories.

Position Type: Full Time
Country: United States
Willing to Relocate:
Willing to Travel: Yes
Minimum Experience Required: 3-5 years


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