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Job Title: Logistics/Customer Service
Industry Sector: Natural/Organic Food & Beverage
Job Categories: Management - Sales

 Confidential Company

Job Description  
The Position: Logistics/Customer Service

NutraChem is a small and family owned distribution company of high quality raw materials for primarily the food, beverage and nutraceutical industries. While we predominantly work in the United States we are active in over 25 countries globally. We are very customer oriented and provide fast, precise and healthy support to supply chains all around the world.

  • Receipt, confirmation, and record keeping of all customer orders.
  • Determine most efficient shipping routes based on transit times, quantities, available trucking companies, and required delivery dates.
  • Facilitate communication with freight brokers to arrange shipments, including the request, compilation, and comparison of freight quotes for specified routes. After all quotes come through, negotiate rate quote based on historical information.
  • Preparation of warehouse product release for each specific shipment.
  • Preparation of specific BOL instructions for each specific shipment. Provide all documentation to the required parties and facilitate all communication with warehouses and trucking companies.
  • Resolve all issues that may occur during the order cycle.
  • Track all shipments of both customer orders and inventory purchase orders, whether by tracking systems offered by carriers or direct communication with freight brokers/trucking carriers.
  • When delivery has been confirmed, obtain all documents related to the delivery, including signed BOL and warehouse receipt. Provide all necessary documents to the customer.
  • In the instance of damage goods, identify the responsible party by reviewing all documentation and facilitate the claim process. Make sure damages are recorded in inventory.
  • Control of documentation for all orders, including but not limited to purchase orders, releases, key email correspondence, BOL's, weight manifests, packing list, and invoices. This involves creation of a physical folder for all orders and invoices.
  • Prepare purchase orders as instructed by purchasing. Manage all templates for different products, vendors, etc. and populate with the correct information for each new order (information may vary from order to order)
  • Once purchase orders are prepared and reviewed, provide them to the supplier. Identify pick up locations (in the case of FOB pricing) and arrange shipment if necessary.
  • Periodically update all documentation related to products, including but not limited to specification sheets, SDS, example COA, various certifications, etc. All documents for each product must be up to date (keep note of expiry dates)


Position Type: Full Time
Country: United States
Willing to Relocate:
Willing to Travel:
Minimum Experience Required: 3-5 years


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